Our Story

Our Debt Free Home | Path to Van Life

Back in the early part of 2015 we found ourselves in a position that we needed somewhere to live. We looked at the rental market, too much cost for what you actually get, we are both creative people and the cost of having enough space to even have a shed in the garden left us with very little money. Of course, we looked at buying a property but as we all know, the housing market is not affordable, it is not relative to the average income.
We decided to take control of our situation, we wanted the security of owning what we lived in and then any money we created after can be used as we see fit, as we believe it should be. We decided to achieve this we needed to live in a vehicle and we very quickly realised that if we live in something that has wheels and the ability to move, then why the heck would we stay in one area? The ability to explore and adventure was within our reach and living nomadically was our path forward.

Van Life

Moving forward a few years later into 2018, we have built our home and have lived in the van for a couple of years. There have been learning curves and adjustments to both of our daily lives but overall it has been the greatest time. Never have we felt the freedom or had the ability to think more clearly than we do now. This space allows us to step away and view with clarity our society, economy and their relationship with each other. Opportunity to understand what this means and ultimately how to be the best version of ourselves.
We recognise the value to the hustle-bustle of city living, as a human race we create an energy, a momentum that drives us forward to evolve as individuals and together. But we often forget to step outside of this bubble and stand alone in a field looking up to the stars to ponder, to allow ourselves to feel humility. Living nomadically allows us to weave in and out of these scenarios with ease.

Being a Digital Nomad | Our Work

The term ‘digital nomad’ became relevant to us as our work structures altered to suit our lifestyle, we now positively identify ourselves as digital nomads. We are incredibly fortunate to be in the age of technology which allows us the freedom to move, explore and adventure whilst fulfilling our economic potential through being entrepreneurial. We have the ability to explore our ideas, without the suppressing limitation of having to pay rent or an electric bill. Izzy makes jewellery and sells through diamondsandrust & esty, I generally only make mess, although together we have great fun selling custom clothing through our weaintnohippies shop.
Living as we do is not simple, it is not easier than living in bricks and mortar. We simply choose to accept a different set of compromises. We have two motorcycles that we trailer around with us but if we need to do any intricate or large jobs on them we need to find a space that we can safely lay parts out without losing them in the long grass of a field. These are the realities and compromises of living in our small space.
When looking at the 10 square metres of space we live within it is often asked how we can continue without clambering across each other and our response is always the same. Firstly, we get on very well and actually like being around each other – it’s always amusing to us when we are in a restaurant, most couples are across a table from each other and we bunch up on one seat, elbows touching, looking out across the room together – but when you open the door of the van, the rest of the space is yours, the entire world is yours. Living within the world and interacting with it as we do creates an immediate comfort wherever we are.

Our Future

We are not saying we will never live within bricks & mortar again, one day we are certain we will but it needs to be on our terms. This time living nomadically gives us the ability to think about our options, discover different countries and see the world for ourselves before deciding where we think we fit. This time allows us to grow, as when we grow we discover what we want and when we know what we want, we can figure out how to actually get it.
What’s best about living nomadically is time, because that is the ‘thing’ we all value most and that is what drives most of our decisions whether we realise it or not. We think we value money, but it’s not, money just affords us the opportunity of time.
What weaintnohippies is about is for us to share how we create the freedom of our time and what we do with that both in our individual interests and our adventures together. We want you to join us and share with us, as we share with you our van life journey of discovering the world and ourselves.

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